Chef Sherman's 


About the Okatering Company

Our Mission

To provide our Customers with the information they need to enjoy a personal and elegant dining experience every time they enter the Kitchen or host a party.  For those who desire an affordable catering experience, our services are available. 

Our History

I started in the food industry in 1970 cooking and managing my way through the business. After a few years of owning a restaurant in Water Street Pavilion with my Arizona Business Partner Doylan Forney 'Doylans Diner in the Palms' I decided to go into consulting and catering. In 1985 I formed the corporation 'Gastronomic by Dantz LTD' a consulting firm to bring businesses to the Flint Michigan area. We closed the diner in 1987 one year after the birth of my oldest daughter Megan Brittany and I focused on consulting. Starting in 2001 after a visits to France, Monaco, and later to Germany, and Belgium  I legally formed the 'Okatering Company'  in Flint, MI.  In 2004 I moved the company to Grand Blanc, MI and created a multi-year plan to become US regional during 2010 and global in 2012.  In 2002 my youngest  daughter Ashley Brooke was named Vice-President and future of the company.

Yours Truly,

Chef Sherman